Bose A20 Noise Cancelling Aviation Headset with Bluetooth

6 Gift Ideas Every Pilot Will Love

Pilots love gear, and what better time of year to give the pilot in your life a gift they’ll remember for a long time to come?  Whether or not you’re a pilot yourself, these gifts will certainly make the aviator in your life very happy!

Ray-Ban sunglasses – $80

Flying can be harsh on the eyesbest sunglasses for flying in harsh sun.  Sometimes those short final landings in the setting sun can be a tricky thing without sunglasses, or flying in between layers catches you off guard.  Ray-Bans provide come with glass lenses for “leading-edge” optics and are not polarized so they don’t interfere with striations in the window or other glare that could be caused by the polarized type offered by other manufacturers.

Wayfarers are classic and add to the mystique of any pilot, while protecting one of their most important asses; their eyes!

Bose A20 Noise Cancelling Aviation Headset – $1100

Bose A20 Noise Cancelling Aviation Headset with Bluetooth

The gold standard of noise cancelling aviation headsets, the Bose A20 will make any pilot want to do a barrel roll for joy!

With unparalleled levels of comfort, it provides up to 30% less “clamping” around the head so they fit your pilot’s ears comfortably for hours.  And speaking of ears, the noise reduction capability of the headsets are industry leading by also providing about 30% more noise reduction than standard aviation headsets.

They are also a very nice safety accessory as it can pair to a smartphone via bluetooth and lets the pilot place calls to control towers or ATC centers while allowing you to “fly the plane” in an emergency.

Stratus 2s – $699

Bose A20 Noise Cancelling Aviation Headset with Bluetooth

When it comes to safety, the Stratus 2s provides pilots with an unparalleled level of precision.  With dual band ADS-B traffic and weather, an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS), and a GPS, the Stratus S2 is a great way to add situational awareness and provide instrument redundancy to any airplane.

The device’s battery lasts for several hours and is easily charged via convenient USB plugs.  It pairs easily with ForeFlight and other electronic flight bags (EFB’s) and is sure to be a welcome gift to any pilot!

Garmin Virb – $789

Garmin Virb 360 degree aviation camera with telemetrics

Flying is am amazing experience.  Now with bite-sized cameras that are rugged, last for hours, and capture all the details you can make awesome videos to remember your adventures and share the memories with friends.

Available in 4k or 4k 360˚ recording modes, the Virb aviation action camera is a fun way for pilots to capture and remember their flights.  Including telemetrics build right in to the camera, videos can include interesting data about the flight such as GPS location, altitude, and airspeed.  The fact that it does so in brilliant 4k and has a battery life that’s hard to beat are just added bonuses!

iPad – $399

best aviation tablet for flying

The iPad is an essential piece of equipment that should be in every pilot’s flight bag.  Featuring long battery life, bright screens, and lots of accessories the iPad is a great tool for the cockpit.

Pair it with a set of RAM mount, a Stratus 2S, and a subscription to ForeFlight and you’ll be good to go, adding situation awareness and providing the pilot with information on demand.

ForeFlight Scout – $199

ForeFlight Scout ADSB

The ForeFlight Scout is “the smallest deal ADS-B”.  A pen-sized device that sticks on to the airplane with a suction cup and works with an external USB battery, the Scout is a revolutionary device that provides pilots with real-time traffic and subscription free weather information for about 200 bucks.

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