The ravpower 12000mAh external USB battery is a pilot's helper in the cockpit. It's able to power devices like the Stratus and iPad for hours to help you fly safely to your destination. The ravpower external usb battery backup is small and light too!

Review: Ravpower 12000 mAh dual external battery pack

Pilots love power. Pilots really hate not having power. Be it to the engine, the starter, the flashlight, the iPad, the Stratus, or the cell phone, it really is an important thing to have enough power to get to where you’re going and back. Especially since the rise of the all-powerful Stratus/iPad cockpit configuration, pilots are relying a lot (sometimes more than they should) on devices with rechargeable batteries.

However, running out of juice is sometimes a matter of course.  Maybe your iPad didn’t charge fully before you left for the airport or your Stratus isn’t holding its charge as well as it used to.

Well, no matter.  The Ravpower dual port Ace Series external battery pack is a fantastic accessory for pilots who need power on the go and want a backup source of juice while up in the sky.

With 12,000mAh, it has enough capacity to fully charge a Stratus2 AND an iPad completely.  At the same time.  With some juice to spare.

According to the manufacturers, that gives you approximately an extra 6 hours on the Stratus2 and 10 hours on the iPad but hopefully you’re safely back on the ground by the time those charges ran out.

This is what we like about the Ravpower 12000mAh external battery pack:

    • It is pretty small for an external battery pack.  Slightly shorter than an iPhone and about twice as thick.
    • Dual Power.  This means it can power two things at the same time.  Each USB port provides 5V and 2.4A for your modern device’s needs.
    • Small footprint.  This thing is fairly light and can slide in easily in your flight bag, pocket, or knee strap.
    • Indicator lights. Because it’s important to know how much juice you have!

Using the device is a snap.  Just connect the USB cable to the battery pack and connect the other end to your device.  After you’re done using it, simply attach the included microUSB cable and recharge.

Recharging does take about 4-5 hours, this is mainly due to the big size of the battery so plan your charge overnight and have it ready to go with your morning coffee on your way out the door.

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